Beware of the Blackworm or Kamasutra Virus!

The Blackworm virus, which is also known as Kama Sutra virus because it lures users with messages of sexual content, will destruct files on unprotected PCs on February 3. It has already affected more than 500,000 PCs worldwide.

If the attachments containing the virus are opened, the virus can copy itself across shared networks and send itself to e-mail addresses on your PC before commencing to destroy all the files on the third day of the month.

The primary objective of the virus is destruction of files. It can permanently overwrite and corrupt common user files such as Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF’s and digital photos.

Individuals and Small businesses are the main victims of the virus because they do not have up to date anti virus protection.

Experts have advised users to avoid opening unknown or suspicious attachments to prevent their system being infected by the virus.

They also encourage PC owners to download the latest versions of their anti-virus software to protect themselves.

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