The new $149 iPod nano from Apple

Apple Computer Inc, has introduced a new stylish pencil thin iPod nano. The 1GB iPod is priced at $149 and has a capacity to hold 240 songs. It comes in two colors – black or white. The other models are 2GB (250 songs) and 4GB (1000 songs).


An option of free laser engraving is also available. You can view great engraving ideas in any of the categories like ‘Valentine’s Day’, ‘Let it rock’, ‘Good times’, ‘Inspire me’ or ‘Cult of iPod’ on their website.


Lots of hit TV shows from MTV, MTV2, COMEDY CENTRAL, Nickelodeon, and The N are available for viewing on a computer or iPod for $1.99 an episode.


Apple also plans to sell television shows from Showtime Networks, on its iTunes Music Store.


A new pricing was also announced for Apple’s iPod shuffle, with the 512MB model now costing $69 and the 1GB model costing $99.

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