Call the Crimestopers!

No, it's not a new hit TV-show or a top movie from the producers of Hollywood. And the number 0800 555 111 is not owned by a private porn line company.

United Kingdom has put together a new police squad to fight the trade of illegal DVDs. According to estimations, it's a business that earns around 300m pounds to criminals every year.

When before the illegal DVDs were mainly made in Far East then now this has changed due to the easiness of creating DVDs using equipment available to everyone - DVD burners.

Movies are being filmed in cinemas with digital camcorders, burnt onto DVDs and shown in pubs and makets every day. Some of the movies are with a really bad quality. But this isn't the point. It's illegal and it earns crimals a lot of money. Criminals who are most likely also involved with other illegal activities. During the raids against the premises involved with film piracy police has also found illegal firearms and drugs.

Film industry is losing a lot of money thanks to piracy, influencing the whole industry - movie makers, actors, companies.

The new piracy fight squad will first have a 12-month test-run to see if it produces any visible results. The squad has been put together by Metropolitan police and FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft). The squad is a part of Met's Economic and Specialist Crime Command and will employ 5 detectives specialising in Financial investigations.

Saw a pirate DVD? Bad quality? Even if it wasn't, call the Crimestoppers anonymously using the number 0800 555 111.

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