George Davison's A-HA! moment can help You too

Once George Davison had a dream. Dream of owning the world's largest invention factory. Years later it's there. With more than 150 new product prototypes created each and every month, Davidson's Inventionland has become the world's largest invention factory.

Have You had this type of "A-HA!" moments? The idea of this invention factory is to turn those moments into real products. Many common people have had great ideas that they have not been able to realize simply because of the lack of knowledge about how to continue. At Inventionland they have been there, done that, and they have also helped thousands of people turn their idea into a real product and in case of some of them the product has actually become a well selling invention.

If you have an idea, and no one else can help, go to Inventionland, and see how their award-winning team of designers can help you. If your product idea is good, they will help you using Davidon's development process. Even though you can go to them with bad ideas as well, quality services cost money and based on experience, less than 1% of inventions actually become marketed products.

Take a look inside the world's largest invention factory below -

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