Top tips to boost workplace productivity

Itís all too easy to feel tired, lazy or just plain unmotivated when it comes to work. Staring at the same four walls for eight hours a day can be a drain in itself, and it can be hard to see past it.

Humans are extremely adaptable creatures Ė which unfortunately can also give rise to boredom. However, with a few tips and tricks you can learn how to get yourself back on track and boost your productivity in the workplace.

Choose healthy snacks
Healthy snacks may appear to be the epitome of boredom, particularly when youíve just left an exhausting meeting and that bar of chocolate is calling your name. However, fresh fruit is not only a fantastic way to stay healthy, but it also gives your body the natural sugar it needs without the artificial stimulants to ensure that you feel energised without the slump later on.

Fruitful Office delivers delicious fresh fruit directly to your office door. With a wide variety of seasonal fruits, you can choose to munch on some berries or enjoy a tasty apple instead of junk food from the vending machine Ė before long, youíll notice a boost in your mood as well as your productivity levels.

Take frequent breaks
Taking breaks may seem counterintuitive when it comes to boosting productivity, as it seems to waste time. However, sitting down for hours at a time is not good for your health, and leads to a decrease in your energy levels.

Simply getting up and moving around Ė even if itís for a quick walk around the office Ė can increase your energy levels and clear your head. At the very least, try to get some fresh air each day by going for a walk outside during your lunch break.

Get rid of distractions
When youíve been sitting at your desk all day, itís easy to be surprised by the fact that you havenít gotten more work done. Where did the time go?

Distracting co-workers and social media can eat into your time in ways you may have never thought possible. Simply checking your emails over and over as a form of distraction from the monotony of the task in front of you will not make your workload disappear. Add onto that distractions such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr and many, many more, and itís easy to see where the time goes.

If you find it difficult to avoid the temptation of such distractions, consider uninstalling these apps from your phone, and installing a computer monitoring programme that will not allow you on social media sites for more than a designated period of time each day.

Overall, itís easy to get distracted or feel a lack of energy at work, but with these simple tips youíll be back to your productive self in no time.

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