Thurman thinks dad's reincarnation beliefs too scary for some

London, Jun 4 (ANI): American actress Uma Thurman says that her father's concept of reincarnation would certainly scare off people, especially if they believed they were going to come back as an insect.

Thurman's father Robert was the first westerner to become a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

"Would it put the pressure on?" Daily Express quoted her as saying it to Vogue.

The Kill Bill star just wished that her father had tried a little harder to win her over to his faith.

"My father didn't impose religion on us as children," she said.

"To the point that maybe it would have been nice to have a little more - something to rebel against," she added.

However the 38-year-old actress is not overly keen on some of the aspects of her professor dad's beliefs. (ANI)

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