Aguilera plans more babies to keeps boobs pumped up!

London, Jun 4 (ANI): American pop singer songwriter Christina Aguilera has revealed that she plans on having more babies as it makes her feel sexy.

Aguilera, who had developed a huge pair of post-pregnancy boobs since the January birth of her son, Max, with husband Jordan Bratman, has revealed that she plans on having more kids to keep them pumped up.

"Yes, absolutely. Absolutely!" the Sun quoted her as saying when asked if she wanted more babies.

The 'Beautiful' singer has even given credit to motherhood for making her feel "very sexy", and adding more to her brood will definitely help her maintain her luscious breasts.

"Motherhood comes very naturally to me. I think a whole new confidence comes with being a mother," she said.

"I feel very confident and very sexy as a mother," she added. (ANI)

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