Weirdest demands of pop stars revealed

London, June 4 (ANI): While on stage, they may rock the audience with their performances, but off stage pop stars shock their organizers with the weirdest demands.

Cher's needs include a television showing a classic movie channel but that's not the weird part - she also demands a special room backstage only for her wigs, reports the Sun.

However, Christina Aguilera's sternest tour demand has nothing to do with her accommodation backstage, instead it's all to do with her trip from the airport to the stadium.

Aguilera specifically demands a police escort for the journey. And just to make it all a little more difficult for the promoter, she insists that 'under no circumstances are the vehicles to be allowed to encounter any delays due to traffic'.

When Jennifer Lopez rocked up to add her voice to a charity single to benefit AIDS victims, no one expected any diva demands.

However, the singer was not disappointing either, for she demanded and reportedly got a white room stocked with white flowers, white curtains, white candles and white couches, a variety of complicated foods and a 45-foot long trailer.

Soul legend Aretha Franklin also has a unique and presumably uniquely difficult demand - 25,000 dollars of her appearance fee must be presented to her in cold, hard cash before the show.

Coldplay rockers seem to miss their family and friends some much that they demand eight stamped local postcards wherever they go. (ANI)

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