Tania Zaetta still furious over troop-sex claims

Melbourne, June 5 (ANI): Despite receiving a personal apology from Australian Defence chiefs, Bollywood actress Tania Zaetta is still furious over the troop-sex allegations that hounded her recently.

The 37-year-old actress was accused of having sex with the Diggers during her concert tour to Afghanistan.

Defence head Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston and Defence Secretary Nick Warner admitted that the military completely mismanaged the affair and that there were no evidence proving the allegations.

But Zaetta said "mud sticks" and is still hoping fellow performer Angry Anderson, and the media will offer an apology to clear the "slur" on her name.

"Well it's great that I have the apology so far from the Defence Force and I do feel I was owed that," News.com.au quoted Zaetta as telling Nine Network.

"I do know that mud sticks," she added.

The briefing document submitted to Defence Minister claimed that Anderson triggered the scandal when he told Lt-Col Greg McCauley that Zaetta had sex with troops and there were "photographs to prove it".

The "Hot Issues Brief" also contained claims from Anderson was distributed to 96 people. It was recalled four minutes later and the names removed.

However, Anderson denied making the claim.

The former 'Fear Factor' host also hinted legal action against the newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph, though her agent Max Markson denied.

However, Max's agency Markson Sparks sent unsolicited jpeg images of his client to the Telegraph yesterday.

He also sent four other shots featuring Zaetta to this newspaper after the story broke last month.

Also sources close to the military have sent new photographs showing Zaetta with Australian troops. (ANI)

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