Miley Cyrus' first kissing picture will fetch $150,000 to the lucky paparazzo!

Melbourne, June 5 (ANI): Every paparazzo in the US is hoping to be the first one to catch actress/singer Miley Cyrus kissing, for it means bringing home a 150,000 dollar paycheque.

The 'Hannah Montana' star's popularity has hit the sky, and so has the demand of her photographs ever since that infamous photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

According to reports, if she's caught kissing a non-celeb, then the pic would be worth somewhere around 30,000 dollars.

However, if she kisses a celebrity, then that figure jumps to a whopping 150,000 dollars.

"She's started to sell more. Now the pictures are going for a higher price. It used to be $300 for a shot, and now it's $2,000 for a picture," News.com.au quoted a paparazzo, as saying.

"It has to be a nice picture. I have a couple of guys working on her. It's not like Britney (Spears), where we have 24/7 coverage, but we are watching her. If she goes out of town, we try to follow her." (ANI)

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