Liz Hurley does her bikini-business while in bed with her hubby!

Washington, Jun 5 (ANI): English actress Elizabeth Hurley is so obsessed with the latest sales figures of her swimwear range that she checks it out even when she's in bed with husband Arun Nayar.

Hurley loves to keep up to date with the latest sales figures, and even gets Nayar involved in it.

The 42-year-old model says that her obsession with seeing how her line is selling is such that she makes Nayar check the numbers before they go to sleep.

"As we have our laptops upstairs almost every night, when we're cleaning our teeth, I'll say, 'Shall we look at today's sales?', and he'll say, 'Yeah, sure', and look up how we're doing with, say, the python print. I love all that," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

Hurley has an exclusive line in European high street store Mango, as well as her own range Elizabeth Hurley Beach. (ANI)

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