Engineering managers are the best paid Down Under

Melbourne, June 5 (ANI): According to a new study, engineering managers in their late 30s are the best-paid workers Down Under.

The survey revealed that the managers are earning average annual salaries of 136,700 Australian dollars, more than general managers and financial dealers.

Others earning big money include anaesthetists, surgeons, MPs and dentists, the survey shows.

The survey, What Jobs Pay, is based on ABS data collated by labour analyst Rodney Stinson.

The figures show average pre-tax earnings, including overtime and allowances.

Stinson said the top job of engineering manager was a new classification linked to construction and mining.

"This has come out of the blue. A decade ago, the only mining employees in the top 10 were young geologists and geophysicists, who were putting in very long hours in the field," News.com.au quoted him, as saying.

Stinson said the incomes of medical and legal professionals tended to be underestimated due to tax minimization options open to the self-employed.

The highest earners are:

1. Engineering manager, 2562 Australian dollars

2. General manager, 2276 Australian dollars

3. Research and development manager, 2172 Australian dollars

4. Financial dealer, 1976 Australian dollars

5. Anaesthetist, 1957 Australian dollars

6. Mining engineer, 1955 Australian dollars

7. Surgeons, 1953 Australian dollars

8. Legislator, 1950 Australian dollars

9. Psychiatrist, 1909 Australian dollars

10. Internal medicine specialist, 1897 Australian dollars. (ANI)

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