No marriage for Charlize Theron

Washington, June 5 (ANI): Hollywood actress Charlize Theron has revealed that she has no plans of ever getting married to her long-term boyfriend Stuart Townsend.

The two of them have been through many marriage rumours throughout their seven-year long romance, but none of it has affected them and they are still as close and committed as any married couple.

The only difference being that they are not married and they have no plans to change their situation.

"Even when I was a little girl I never dreamed of the white dress and all of that," Contactmusic quoted Theron as telling the July issue of Glamour magazine.

"I want to be clear: I am not judgmental about marriage. I am judgmental about how our government doesn't want to see the reality of gay and lesbian marriages," she said.

But she does not say that keeping a long relationship is easy, as it requires the same kind of attention as a marriage.

"I think if you are in a one or two-year relationship, love is enough. You can thrive on that. When you hit years three and four, you realise that if you're going to live with somebody ... you have to be nurtured emotionally and spiritually, and you have to be intrigued. Because if that intrigue runs out, you're not going to want to go home anymore," she said.

Being serious in a relationship does not mean that one loses their freedom to express, as according to Theron, letting each other flirt and develop crushes on other members of the opposite sex, adds spice to life.

"I've always said that I worry about being with a man who doesn't flirt. I love that Stuart can watch tennis and tell me that he's got a crush on a tennis player. We're not meant to just like one person. But (that) doesn't mean you go and build a life with another person," she added. (ANI)

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