'Sex and the City' disappointment puts Kelly Rowland off Hollywood

Melbourne, June 6 (ANI): Grammy award-winning singer Kelly Rowland has temporarily shelved her Hollywood dreams to concentrate solely on her stellar music career, after she lost on a supporting role in the hugely hyped 'Sex and the City movie' to Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson.

In a recent interview, the former Destiny's Child revealed that she has always harbored aspirations to make it as a bootylicious big-screen queen.

Rowland also said that it would have been "my absolute dream" to have worked alongside the Big Apple's fabulous four.

"I didn't get the role, it wasn't for me and I had to deal with that," The Daily Telegraph quoted her, as saying.

"It would have been a dream - it's any girl's dream - but I feel like whatever is going to happen is going to happen," she added.

Rowland and Hudson were both vying for the role of Carrie's assistant Louise, but when the part went to the 'Dreamgirls' star, Rowland didn't hide her disappointment.

"I can't understand it because I did a really good job. I was so bummed, I really wanted it," she said at the time.

But Rowland was quick to praise Hudson for her efforts.

"She did a good job - differently to the way I would have, but she was great," she added. (ANI)

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