Man who discovered Amy Winehouse just wants her to 'clean up'

London, June 6 (ANI): The man who discovered pop star Amy Winehouse has said that he is not bothered if she doesn't have another hit as long as she cleans up her act.

Pop supremo Nick Godwyn helped put the 24-year-old singer on the road to stardom by signing her to Simon Fuller's 19 Management when she was just 16.

However, now he said that as the Back to Black star's struggles with her spiralling drug habit, her long-term welfare was far more important than any career success.

"What is happening now is not very pleasant for anybody to watch. I feel she seems to be sad," The Sun quoted Godwyn, as saying.

"People talk about wasted talent, but I don't look at it like that. If Amy never made another record again it would be sad, but it's less about the music for me and more about 'this is a human being that maybe isn't very happy,' " he added. (ANI)

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