Mystery behind Dylan's mysterious two-month hiatus in 1966 unravelled

London, June 7 (ANI): When Bob Dylan mysteriously disappeared in 1966, the whole world went buzzed over it. But now, a memoir has claimed to have solved the puzzle behind the legendary singer's two-month hiatus.

Dylan has always maintained that he suddenly stopped touring and hid away from the world just when he seemed at the peak of his career because of a motorcycle accident that changed his whole outlook on life.

But a Dutch artist claims in his biography 'Ik, Jan Cremer III' (I, Jan Cremer III) to have met Dylan during this period and discovered he was in rehab.

According to the artist, the singing legend was lying apparently shaven-headed in a darkened room at his manager's home in up-state New York.

The 68-year-old Cremer went on to speculate that Dylan could have easily created or embellished the accident story to provide the perfect cover for his disappearance from public life.

However, the "revelation" comes with a health warning from the author himself, who admits elsewhere in the book that it is a romanticised autobiography more in the style of a novel.

"Everything that I write and say is the truth. My truth," Times Online quoted Cremer, as saying.

The incident during the late summer and autumn of 1966 became a pivotal moment in Bob Dylan's career and is still the subject of hot debate among aficionados because of the way the style of his music changed dramatically afterwards. (ANI)

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