Boozed-up Gemma Atkinson turns down 8m boob-flash offer

London, Jun 7 (ANI): English actress Gemma Atkinson left customers in a kebab shop stunned after she bragged about having turned down an 8million-pound offer to show her boobs.

Atkinson arrived at the First Base kebab shop in Bury Greater Manchester, after a night on the town with soccer ace boyfriend Marcus Bent, wearing a sexy black vest and jeans, and there she was dared by a cheeky lad to expose her breasts.

"Get your t*ts out!" The Sun quoted the lad as telling Atkinson.

The 23-year-old actress, who was very drunk, started ranting about how she was made an offer to expose her boobs.

"You are being rude. I have turned down showing my breasts for f***ing 8million pounds," she said.

After a while she said to the lad, "I am so ashamed, I am so ashamed", adding that he should not waste his money on pizza.

"Oh be careful, don't waste your money on your pizza when you can buy my photos with my t**s out.

"Please darling, don't waste it. Save it. Save yourself for my t**s," she said.

At the time that she was saying this, fellow customer Eddie Nolan was capturing the whole scene on his mobile phone.

In the footage Wigan Athletic striker Bent was seen as standing at the back of the shop looking downwards as Atkinson ranted and raved at the crowd waiting to be served with burgers, kebabs and pizzas.

Nolan further revealed that he had seen the actress, Bent and their friends in a nearby nightclub for two hours before spotting them again in the kebab shop.

"She was very drunk and was dancing and jumping about on the dance floor with a straw behind her ear as if it was a microphone. She was just being stupid - rolling around on the floor," he said.

"Marcus Bent was just sitting down and he seemed to be sober. I think he was embarrassed by her, to be honest.

"We left the club and then I saw them again in the kebab shop when someone made a remark about her boobs which just seemed to kick her off.

"Again Marcus was stood at the back. He just kept looking down at the floor because she was being really loud and swearing.

"I managed to get my mobile out and film a little bit of it before they left the shop.

"Everyone recognised her because she is a Bury girl. I don't know what she'd been drinking but she'd had a lot of it judging from the way she was staggering around the shop," he revealed. (ANI)

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