Money woes have Oz women making beauty sacrifices

Melbourne, June 7 (ANI): More and more women are cutting on gym memberships, health food and trips to beauticians and hairdressers as money woes hit home, says a new Australian study.

According to the survey of 600 women by The Heat Group, nearly 42 per cent of Oz women had cut their spending on gyms, yoga and health food.

Sixty-six per cent of respondents had pared spending on pampering and beauty treatments such as facials, regular haircuts and waxing.

Kiralee McNamara of the marketing firm Heat Group said the responses were consistent across all age groups, with younger women cutting back just as much as older women.

"Women seem nervous about what lies in store over the next year and are cutting back on the amount they spend on themselves," News.com.au quoted her, as saying. (ANI)

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