Artist creates 'dead' Doherty pictures

London, Jun 7 (ANI): A Scottish painter has created images of Pete Doherty, which depict the Babyshambles rocker as dead.

Peter Howson, who drew six pastels of the singer, entitled 'I Am The Dead,' said that the pictures were intended to act as a warning for Doherty against drugs.

According to Howson, each picture depicted how the musician would end up if he did not clean up his act, reports The Sun.

Doherty has announced three acoustic shows at Brixton Mass on June 17, 18 and 19.

Meanwhile the rocker recently splashed out 10,000 dollars on a portrait of ex girlfriend Kate Moss.

Doherty was snapped buying the oil painting from artist Sam Shaker in London.

Shaker was commissioned by Doherty to make the painting back in 2007 when he and the British supermodel were still together and very much in love. (ANI)

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