Kate Beckinsale denies rivalry with Eva Longoria Parker

Washington, Jun 8 (ANI): English actress Kate Beckinsale has denied reports of any sort of rivalry between her and fellow actress Eva Longoria Parker.

Beckinsale laughed off the report with a, she is too "tiny" to be my competition.

When the 'Pearl Harbor' star was seen spending a lot of time with the 'Desperate Housewives' star, after she moved to Los Angeles, there were speculations that the two of them had befriended one another just to further their acting careers.

But Beckinsale insisted that she does not regard Longoria Parker as a rival and that their dissimilar physiques prevented them from competing for film roles.

"How could Eva and I be up for the same parts? She's tiny and I'm fascinated by little people," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"Having said that, I feel like a giant. I've always felt a clunky girl. I could ski home on my feet," she added. (ANI)

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