George Michael set to halt Wham! Flick

London, June 8 (ANI): George Michael is all set to put breaks on the filming of a movie on his band 'Wham!'

While the band's former manager Simon Napier-Bell is in talks with movie producers about translating the story of the band on the big screen, he fears that the 50million pound project may come to a halt as George won't give it the green signal.

Napier-Bell used to co-manage Wham! with Jazz Summers when George and Andrew Ridgeley used to be ruling the music circles from 1983 to 1985.

Now, the 69-year-old, who now lives in Thailand, wants the movie to show what kind of life was there when they were on tour with Wham! - whose hits included I'm Your Man.

"There are several people sniffing round about a Wham! film but I'm not sure any of them will come off because they all require Wham! music in them and George controls that," The Daily star quoted Simon, as saying.

He added: "He will have the yes or no on each script presented. George would want control." (ANI)

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