Sharon Osbourne quit X Factor over tiff with Dannii Minogue

Melbourne, Jun 9 (ANI): Feisty ex X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne quit the British talent series because of the long running fight she was having fellow judge Dannii Minogue.

Another reason, which made Osbourne quit so dramatically, was her jealousy about the 1 million dollar pay rise that Minogue is said to have received.

Osbourne is said to have been speculating about her future on the show for months, and finally she decided to quit her position of four-years as judge.

The tension between the two judges became public knowledge with Osbourne making it known that she disliked Minogue, and it grew even worse after Minogue won the Glamour award for Britain's TV woman-of-the year recently.

According to media sources, the pay rise was the final straw for Osbourne, who had become very jealous of Minogue's close friendship with creator and judge Simon Cowell.

"It is very simple - she is massively jealous of Dannii Minogue, because she is young, glamorous and there is a great chemistry between her and Simon. Her nose has been put out of joint over this," News.com.au quoted a source as telling The Mail on Sunday.

But as per judge Louis Walsh, it was not so much about the money that made Osbourne leave the show, but rather her clash with Minogue.

"They don't get on at all and she wasn't happy with the situation. Sharon has walked off, she's gone. Why didn't they give Dannii the boot instead?" Walsh told the Sunday Mirror. (ANI)

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