Golf keeps Zeta Jones, Douglas' relationship ticking

Washington, June 9 (ANI): Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones credits golf with keeping her relationship with her husband Michael Douglas ticking.

The actress, who is a huge fan of golf, says that it gives Douglas and her a great opportunity to spend time and have a lovely chat.

Zeta Jones even says that she gives Douglas golfing tips at times.

"He listens to me when I give him tips - but if he's having a bad day he pretty much tells me to shut up," Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

"But I use the time to catch up properly with him - golf is great way to spend time together and we have a good chat," she added.

She says that she just cannot imagine a life without golf, as it helps her think straight.

"It clears my mind and I'm not thinking about anything except that little white ball. I also go to the driving range and hit balls like they were going out of fashion," she said. (ANI)

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