Stephanie McMichael threatens to reveal stars' sex secrets

London, Jun 9 (ANI): Big Brother babe Stephanie McMichael is said to have scared showbiz stars out of their wits by threatening to reveal their sex secrets.

McMichael has a host of celeb pals, including WAG Abbey Clancy, and the 19-year-old model claims to know some of their most intimate secrets.

Clancy is said to have received a number of panicky texts from other famous names when McMichael first went in the telly house, and the 22-year-old model fears that the secrets of her famous pals might be revealed.

One "celebrity" friend has even consulted a lawyer in a bid to stop any revelations being screened by Channel 4, Clancy herself is said to be "panic-stricken" in case Stephanie talks about her past.

"A few celebs are not too happy to see Steph in the house," Daily Star quoted one of her pals.

"She's well known on the party circuit and pretty much knows all the secrets - who is doing what to whom and behind whose back.

"She's a regular on the club VIP circuits, where tongues can be loose - especially at 3am following a few glasses of champers and a dose of Colombian marching powder!

"Steph likes to party, but she's not into drugs or heavy drinking. That can make her a dangerous animal, because she's sober enough to remember everything.

"A lot of worried texts were swapped among the stars when she turned up on Big Brother. One star has been on to their lawyer already.

"The solicitor tried to assure them that Channel 4 is not allowed to broadcast anything libellous and, if they did, they could take action. But by then it could be too late to save a reputation or relationship.

"Let's just say a few stars who would not normally be seen dead watching Big Brother will probably be tuning in every day," the friend said.

McMichael's family are great pals of Clancy and they have even been on holiday together.

As teenagers, the two girls launched bids for pop stardom at the same time and were signed up by the same music guru - ex-OMD star Andy McCluskey.

"No-one wants details of their past indiscretions broadcast to the nation," Stephanie's friend said.

"The one comfort for the big names Steph's got dirt on is that she's so desperate for fame, she's very much aware of the benefits of keeping her lips sealed.

"She knows her name would be mud in celebrity circles if she suddenly started spilling stars' secrets.

"The worry is what happens if she gets plastered one night and loses control of her mouth. She's a time bomb waiting to explode," the friend added. (ANI)

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