Marko Stout - The NYC artist

There are a lot of artists in New York City, but not very many of them can be compared to Marko Stout. His work captures the vibe of his subject perfectly. Influenced by classical music, the suroundings of New York City, his work is always original and is able to put together paintings that capture attention.

Marko is an educated man holding degrees in psychology, medicine and biology and is an undergraduate in the studies of fine art. Being educated in psychology, he is able to grasp all aspects of his subjects - the emotions, the unseen sides, the subject as a whole. He knows well about the psychology of colors and does his best to use this information in order to come up with perfect results.

Marko's paintings try to take the viewer into the art experience like no other, the viewer becomes part of the art and is welcomed to make his own interpretations of his art pieces.

Painting by Marko Stout

The writer of this post is himself not a huge fan of arts. Possibly due to his ability or rather inability to put anything on canvas himself. However, even he can see the deep extraordinary pieces which could be described as being the finest examples of fine modern art. Check out Marko Stout's website to learn more about him.

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