When NFL starts milking, the cows go lactose-free

The National Dairy Council has partnered with National Football League for the Fuel Up To Play 60 initiative and part of it is meant to teach people that suffering from lactose-intolerance does not mean you can not enjoy the nutritional benefits the dairy products offer. And if you weren't aware of it, lactose-free milk comes from cows as well. Lactose-free milk is the real deal with mainly one difference - an enzyme called lactase is added to it to convert the lactose in the milk to glucose, making it easily consumable for lactose-intolerant people as well.

To promote dairy products and teach people about it, Deion Branch of the New England Patriots actually spent a day at the Jordan Dairy farm, making new friends, learning new stuff, milking the cow, you know, the usual.

Healthy daily diet is based on nutrient-rich foods from five main food groups - Dairy products, grains, meats (including fish), fruits, vegetables. However, if you are lactose-intolerant like 25 million Americans, you should be aware that you don't need to stay away from dairy products and their nutritious benefits, instead you just need to choose the right lactose-free products like Lactaid. There are quite many people who actually claim that the taste is exactly the same for lactose-free products.

Learn more about the topic and watch Deion Branch milking the lacktose-free milk out of the cow when NFL Gets Down with Dairy.

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