Jessica Biel Wants To Open Restaurant

Jessica Biel, one of the famous American stars is planning to open a restaurant in the New York City. The 30 years old American Hollywood celebrities named her restaurant as 'Oh Fudge'. She told that she is fond of bakery and like to have bakery department in her restaurant. Her partner Justin Timberlake is already has a restaurant in the New York City. The name of the Justin Timberlake restaurant is Southern Hospitality. He has another restaurant having name Destino in the New York City of USA.
She told that she like loaf and her favourite loaves are zucchini loaf or banana loaf or banana blueberry loaf. She told that she is very fond of sweet loaves and there will be special section in her restaurant about loaf.
She requested to all of her fans about come to her restaurant name “oh fudge”. The restaurant opening idea came to her mind with her partner who has a restaurant in the New York City. Jessica Biel is dating with Justin Timberlake from the year 2007. Justin Timberlake is a singer-songwriter, musician, record producer, dancer, and actor.
Jessica Biel is very excited to her restaurant. She appealed to her followers to come to her restaurant.

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