Nicole Kidman to be honored by NY Film Festival

There is good news to the Nicole Kidmanís fan. She is going to be honored by the NY Film Festival. According to the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Nicole Kidman is being honored. It is the 50th-annual New York Film Festival.
The celebration will take place on Oct. 3. In the first gala Nicole Kidman will be honored while second gala will honor long-time director Richard Pena.
Nicole Kidman is a famous Australian actress. She is also a popular singer, film producer. She is also regarded as the humanitarian.
She has been received several awards. Some of the famous awards she received are "Citizen of the World" by the United Nations, Australia's highest civilian honor, ambassador of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in 2006, and many more. She is from Australia but she has dual citizenship of Australia and USA. She has been received highest civilian awards from both countries.
She is a well-known celebrity in the field of social work. She liked to perform various gentle works.
She is waiting for the release of her latest movie The Paperboy. This movie is directed by Lee Daniels. This movie was premiered in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

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