Topless protester grabs patriarchy by the balls at the unveiling of Donald Trump's wax statue

Madrid, Jan 17, 2017. A topless feminist activist attacks the newly created Donald Trump's wax statue and grabs him by the balls at the unveiling ceremony at Madrid's waxwork Museum.

The activist from the feminist group Femen shouted "grab patriarchy by the balls" while grabbing his crutch. It's a reference to Trump's famous statement from a leaked recording where he's talking about grabbing women by the pussy.

On the chest of the portester were written the words "Grab Back."

The same feminist group also attended the polling station on the election day in Manhattan where Trump cast his vote.

The head of communications of the museum, Gonzalo Presa, wasn't too happy about the incident, yet seemed to support the point of the protest, saying that "If they want to do this, they should do it directly to him. This is too easy."

The wax statue of president-elect took three days to make.

Donald Trump will take office on January 20th, 2017.

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