Weird discussions from USA - Is it "christmas" or is it "holiday"?

I can't help myself but wonder...what's the fuzz about? I'll tell you.
In USA they are discussing how you should express yourself during
christmas. Should you say "Happy holidays" or  "Merry Christmas"?
The fuzz is about the meaning behind the words - when you say christmas
then it is talking about Jesus Christ...but at the same time, if you
say holidays, then it's like losing the christmas tradition.

I hope you do see how weird this all is - should Santa be permitted to hug the kid? Should the president say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays?
I can't help myself but ask - what's the fuzz about??? We have used
both of these expressions the whole time, why not continue to do so?
Why do we have to find stupid reasons to do or not to do soemthing, to
change something? Why are we making our lives so difficult? It's
difficult enough, I know you agree.

If someone is REALLY looking for an answer whether he or she should say
"Happy holidays" or "Merry Christmas", I would rather suggest a third,
rather independent expression - "Happy Holimas" - do you know
what holimas means? I don't. But it has nothing to do with Jesus, plus
it sounds a bit similar to christmas. There's your answer...

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