Revealed – 51% of women find Halloween Costumes to be Sexist

Over sexualisation of Halloween costumes have been a hot topic over the last couple of years, we are aware women’s Halloween costumes tend to be designed risqué, however the vast majority of manufacturers and outlets produce outfits for woman that are not only overly sexual but further research revealed that the outfit choices available are outdated and gender stereotypical. With this in mind an online voucher website looked closer at the sexism women experience at Halloween.

Whilst Halloween is a time when you can dress up as what you want, it still seems typical gender roles are being promoted by retailers – women’s costumes compared to men’s edge to the sexy/slutty side. Whilst there are some skimpy costumes out there for men, it seems default at Halloween for women is to be dressed provocatively.

Following on from their research into inappropriate women’s and children’s Halloween costumes last year, online voucher website www.myvouchercodes.co.uk, decided to investigate sexist Halloween costumes which are on sale.

Halloween Costume Role Reversal – Men wear skimpy costumes
They dressed up a couple in outfits designed for the opposite sex, to highlight what retailers think is acceptable attire for women and men to investigate further the different costume options between what is offered when men and woman search for the same ‘character’

Do people think Halloween costumes are sexist?
Having discovered apparent sexism My Voucher Codes decided to ask what the general public thought about sexist Halloween costumes, they surveyed 2,000 people from the UK aged over 18, split equally between men and women, asking: “Do you feel Halloween costumes can be sexist?” They found that 51% of women felt they were sexist whilst 27% thought most websites offer a fair selection of outfits for both sexes whilst 22% of female respondents thought Halloween outfits available were not sexist.
This compared to 23% of men who thought Halloween costumes were sexist, 45% who thought the selections offered by websites was fair and 32% of male respondents who didn’t think Halloween costumes were sexist.

Mark Pearson founder of MyVoucherCodes made the following comment on the research:
“Obviously there are more important places where we should be looking at equality for both men and women, but when you still find sexism in areas such as Halloween costumes, then you know you have some way to go. Women are not forced to buy costumes which are over sexualised but it would be good to be able to buy gender neutral costumes.”
He added:
“From previous research we have seen how over-sexualisation of Halloween costumes has filtered in to the choices for children. If we can’t address the situation for adult women what chance do we have for young girls? We need to remember Halloween is about scary costumes, not dressing as provocatively as possible (that does go for both sexes).”

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