There shall be no .xxx domain name

ICANN (Internet Corporation
for Assigned Names and Numbers)
announced on Wedensday that they do not support the idea to create .xxx domain
suffix for adult websites. This decision is greatly welcomed by the porn
industry as well as some conservative groups.  

It has been said that the new suffix
was proposed by ICM Registry only for one purpose – to make money. While
StarArticle feels making money shouldn’t be discouraged, this rejection might
have been the right one. Especially if everyone are actually happy about,
except for ICM of course.

Porn is a part of our everyday life,
whether we like it or not. The adult sites are trying to go in a direction
where porn site would be like any other site and thus the .xxx extension wouldn’t
really help them with that. Well, it would help them to spend some more money,
but who wants that, right?

ICM has of course disagreed with all
the accusations saying that many of the world’s biggest names in the porn
industry have actually agreed to switch to .xxx suffix to differentiate
themselves better from other sites. ICM also rejected the claim that they just
want some quick money – they have offered to donate $10 per domain (per year)
to foundations meant to fight against child pornography.

So – who’s right? Feel free to post your comments.

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