Jokers of Indian Cricket

Some people forget that the 11 strong team of indian cricket represents the larger interests of a country. And if they are the men that matter, the entire sporting system would be a farce.

Starting from Mandira Bedi, Indian cricket has never been devoid of humorous tidbits. These days, the selectors have taken the role. Thanks to some inevitable interviews in recent past given by our chairman dearest, his sense of humor was really alleviating the heat of saurav ganguly's exclusion.

Question: Why was Sourav dropped?

Answer:   The selectors' situation was that we didn't want Ganguly at No. 6.

Inference: Other than some funny matches played for selectors, when has Ganguly played at No. 6? why not number 12? This was one gem of a start! BCCI needs a coach for basic arithmetics. any volunteers?

Question: Why has Gautam Gambhir been retained?

Answer: We all know heís an opener and itís a specialistís job. He needs time and space, and a few failures donít mean he should be dropped.

Inference: time and space - for Gautam Gambhir, but not for a senior pro like Ganguly?

Upon selecting ganguly after a five-hour marathon debate, More says "Ganguly has been taken in the side as a batting all-rounder". And according to the senior national selector Pranab Roy "Ganguly was taken in the team as a specialist batsman. I cannot comment on what More has said. I don't know what he has said and in what sense."

Inference: What sense? Non sense! The batting "all-rounder" ended up bowling an average of just one over per test match!

There are so many questions left unanswered, and we better not ask the men at helm. It would be rather disappointing to hear answers that are utterly clumsy and parochial from the cricketing fraternity. But its high time the selectors know their priorities right, with the cricket fans already eyeing the big event in 2007.



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