Relationship advice right from your mobile

Back in the beginning of the 90’s internet was a hot topic and its hot-meter has been going up ever since. Mobiles started to grow popularity around the same time, more so in the end of the 90’s.

Right now, in year 2008 internet seems to be like a dinge-an-sich (thing in itself) while the mobile industry is starting to boom. Websites are developed specifically for mobile viewing, mobiles are built specifically to accommodate the websites right on their screens, new generation (right now 3G or Third Generation) mobile technologies and standards are developed to achieve maximum speed to keep up with the always-increasing number of features mobile manufacturers are coming up with.

At this point you can view websites, download Style Videos, read your email, check your investing portfolio, play poker and … well, let’s be honest, there are really thousands of options available already now. I wouldn’t be too surprised if, something like a “smellophone” (mobile that can send odours to another person, be it a perfume or fresh air from New York [right]) would arise within couple of years from now.

It’s usually not too useful not to use the current functionalities in hopes for more powerful future. Surfing the web, visiting fashion websites or viewing Fashion Video Clips is possible already now. As is watching movies. Internet, or your laptop, might not always be available, but you usually do have your mobile with you.

Even getting back together with your old girlfriend has been made easier – just see some Relation Tips Videos to get ideas on how you might achieve that. You can never be sure tips from anyone else work for you, but it never hurts to educate yourself, right?


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