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DeviceAnywhere Gives Developers  Peace-of-Mind that Mobile Applications Meet the Rigorous Standards of Reliability and Security Required for mHealth

(San Mateo, CA) -  September 29, 2009 – As the Senate Finance Committee writes incentive bonuses for IT into the new “America’s Healthy Future Act” reform bill, there already exists a fast-growing roster of vendors and healthcare organizations delivering mobile applications that make health management more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective for the shared benefit of physicians, healthcare providers and consumers alike.

And when it comes to testing these mobile applications to ensure they meet high standards of reliability, security and quality of service—attributes with potentially life-saving or jeopardizing consequences—an increasing number of providers are placing their trust in DeviceAnywhere™, the industry leader in end-to-end mobile application testing, test automation, application monitoring and more. 

Four leading healthcare organizations —EosHealth, Sensei Inc., STAT!Ref, and one of the largest health insurers in the United States—have recently selected the DeviceAnywhere Test Center, which provides remote access to over 2,000 real handsets, on live worldwide mobile networks remotely over the Internet. Unlike emulator/simulator-based solutions, DeviceAnywhere employs real, physical handsets that allow tasks such as pressing device buttons, tapping on touch screens, viewing the LCD, and listening to ringers and speakers.

Quality of service can’t be left to chance for any healthcare provider developing mobile applications.  However, this is especially true when the health insurance company is part of the largest single health carrier in the United States, providing health care services to more than 25 million consumers with a network of approximately 590,000 physicians and care professionals nationwide. For an organization of this size, they often select technology partners such as DeviceAnywhere, who share their company’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

EosHealth, a provider of mobile health and wellness programs that gives consumers anytime, anywhere access to personalized interactive medical, educational, nutritional and lifestyle resources via their personal cell phone, has been using the DeviceAnywhere Test Center for the past seven months. Since then, DeviceAnywhere has helped accelerate EosHealth’s product development cycle so significantly that they’re porting now to nearly 200 devices and platforms -- in the same amount of time that they used to port for 30-40—making their mobile health applications available to a considerably larger audience of consumers.

“Now that we’re using DeviceAnywhere to test the reliability and functionality of our mobile applications, we have the increased confidence that EosHealth users’ interactions will be just as dependable, private and clear as the conversations they’re having in their doctor’s office,” said Kimon Angelides, CEO of EosHealth.  “Considering the enhanced customer experience of our health and wellness platform, and all the time-saving benefits for our development team, we should have been using DeviceAnywhere Test Center from the beginning.”

Not surprisingly, security and reliability resonate as two of the top priorities for Sensei Inc. as well.  As a provider of innovative mobile and Web-based solutions that prompt consumers at point-of-decision moments to make healthier eating, medical and lifestyle choices, Sensei relies on DeviceAnywhere to ensure that their consumers receive their personalized nutrition and health counseling on a consistent and confidential basis. After all, when customers count on Sensei mobile programs for critical reminders to take their medications or make on-the-spot decisions related to healthy eating choices, there is no room for error in downtime or compatibility issues between users’ devices and networks.

“While the most important contribution of DeviceAnywhere is their role in helping deliver a quality experience for our users, we never lose sight of the time- and cost-savings that their testing platform has afforded our IT group.  For instance, as we’ve migrated to our new technology platform supporting more than 300 devices from only two builds, compared to our earlier system with 87 builds for 121 mobile devices,  Device Anywhere’s technology enabled us to effectively and efficiently deliver the new platform,” said Timothy Dion, CIO of Sensei.  “All in all, we’ve calculated that the DeviceAnywhere solution has saved us more than 40 percent in operating expenses.”

STAT!Ref is a subscription-based online medical reference library developed by Teton Data Systems (TDS) that allows healthcare professionals, students, doctors, nurses and dentists to search for information among all of the titles available. When Teton Data decided to make the STAT!Ref product line available across a variety of mobile devices and operating systems (OS), it wanted to ensure it maintained the streamlined look and feel of their premier online service, yet wanted to conduct the testing within a simple, intuitive and easy-to-learn format interface.

“If you're implementing a mobile healthcare application, you face the challenge of ensuring compatibility on a complex and dizzying array of devices and networks, as well as meeting understandably rigorous standards for reliability and security that can make or break your project,” said Faraz Syed, CEO and co-founder of DeviceAnywhere. “DeviceAnywhere provides the end-to-end automated platform to tackle these obstacles head-on, eventually supporting mobile healthcare application providers in their efforts to improve access to care, make treatment and diagnosis cost effective, and provide high quality service to patients around the world.” 

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