Con Edison Hosts Energy Efficiency Summit on May 1, 2012

Con Edison hosts an energy summit May 1, 2002. It's a summit meant to help Con Edison C & I customers save on their energy bills, improve their green footprint and reduce their overall energy consumption at the same time.

Hundreds of experts from the field of saving energy are expected to be there. If you happen to be an energy consultant, designer, architect, distributor, C-level executive, facility manager or energy manager, you too can register at www.conEdsummit.com.

This one-day Energy Efficiency Summit will be featuring innovative services and products as well as rebates available for Con Edison C&I customers. All to help them turn their buildings more energy efficient.

Hundreds, in reality thousands, of Con Edison customers have already secured their cash rebates through its Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program. If you are commerical or industrial electric or gas customer of Con Edison and pay the systems benefit charge, you may be eligible to participate in the program as well. 

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