Nazi-orgy-involved F1 racing chief keeps his job

London, June 4 (ANI): Motor racing chief Max Mosley has managed to retain his position as FIA president after the scandal over his "Nazi" orgy with five hookers, which included the wife of a British secret service agent.

Mosley, who has been president of the organisation for 15 years, won the vote of confidence at FIA governing body in Paris, with 103 motoring groups backing him, with 55 against.

While Mosley has said that he is 'delighted' by the result, there have been repercussions.

Germany's national motoring organisation, the ADAC, has stated that it plans to withdraw all involvement with the FIA until Mosley goes.

Robert Darbelnet, head of the American Automobile Association, said that the AAA will also be reviewing its position on continued involvement while Mosley is president.

"We don't think his behaviour is appropriate for an organisation which represents hundreds of millions of motorists," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

British tabloid the News of the World was the first to expose Mosley's sexcapade.

The paper revealed that he forced girls to act like Nazi victims in a torture dungeon, filmed his own strange sex games and roared orders in German. (ANI)

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