Scarlett's mother fears Goa Police cover up will lead to murder case collapse

London, June 5 (ANI): Following the Goa Police's version quoting forensic experts opinion that Scarlett Keeling was not raped before her murder (on Feb 18), her mother Fiona MacKeown has said in London that the latest development in the case has supported her fears that the case could collapse.

Yesterday, the Goa police said forensic experts did not find any traces of semen in the vaginal swab they had collected for examination. "Technically it means she was not raped and we will have to bank on other evidence like witness accounts and police statements to back our case," Bosco Jorge, a senior police officer said in Goa.

Reacting to Goa Police's stand on the case, Fiona said her "worst fears were realized" when results from a swab showed her daughter had no sexual contact on the night she died. Mrs MacKeown (43), who has repeatedly complained about the police handling of the case, said: "We know Scarlett was having a sexual relationship and there are witnesses saying she was raped," reported The Telegraph.

She accused Goa Police of "yet another cover up."

15-year-old Scarlett was found dead on a beach in Goa on Feb 18 this year. Police originally said she had drowned after taking drugs but changed their story after her mother complained, and a second autopsy concluded she had been raped and murdered.

A bartender Samson D'Souza (28) has been arrested in suspicion of raping and drugging Scarlett, before leaving her to die in shallow sea water. A second man Placido Carvalho is accused of drugging her and facilitating her death.

Mrs MacKeown, who is awaiting the outcome of a third autopsy at a hospital in Devon, said she planned to return to India later this month.

Her lawyer Vikram Varma said: "I think the case is falling apart. It will be extremely difficult in court to get justice for Scarlett Keeling now. If the claims of rape are not substantiated then it is quite possible the men could be released." (ANI)

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