Bruni fell for Sarkozy's physique and 'five or six brains'!

London, June 5 (ANI): In a new book, Carla Bruni has spoken out about falling head over heels in love with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, not only for his "physique," but also for his "five or six brains."

The Italian pop singer has maintained a relatively low profile since her whirlwind romance with Mr. Sarkozy culminated in marriage in February this year, but she finally lifts the curtain on their relationship in "Carla and Nicolas, the real story".

"It all happened suddenly. I wasn't expecting someone so funny, so full of life. I was seduced by his physique and his intelligence," Times Online quoted her, as saying in the book.

"He has five or six brains which are remarkably irrigated," she added.

Turning to her life as first lady, Bruni-Sarkozy said she had no intention of ditching her singing career.

"I have no intention to change job. I have a function, but it is not a job," she said. (ANI)

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