Lewis Hamilton's dad crashes 330,000 Porsche

London, June 5 (ANI): It seems that F1 star Lewis Hamilton's father needs to take some driving tips from his son.

Anthony Hamilton crashed his Porsche into a children's playground, just 200 metres from his home.

He lost control on the 330,000 pounds vehicle and slipped across a grass verge, leaving deep tire tracks, before crashing through a hedge. However, he has apologised for the damage to the Porsche and fence.

The accident left the silver Porsche Carrera GT with a broken rear light and two large cracks in the bodywork below it.

Moreover, the car doesn't even belong to Mr Hamilton and he was merely borrowing it for the day.

"This is my first crash in almost 30 years and it had to happen in someone else's car," Telegraph quoted Anthony, as saying.

"Thankfully the only thing hurt was the car, and a bush fence - for which I am extremely sorry," he added. (ANI)

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