Now, an eco-friendly 24-carat gold bike, worth 9,500 pounds

London, June 5 (ANI): If owning the most luxurious brands of cars was not enough, the wealthier lot of society has a new vehicle to show off their money - a bicycle made entirely of gold.

This plush eco-friendly bicycle costs a whopping 9,500 pounds and has the additional advantage of a security guard to look after it, when left in public.

This cycle has been created by celebrity cyclists "who have everything", and may be bought by the likes of Madonna, David Beckham, Paul McCartney, Paul Smith, Boris Johnson and Fatboy Slim.

The bike was made up on a 'Charge Plug', a model that common London cycle couriers have, which starts at some 399 pounds. Then it was stripped, polished, plated in copper and then was plated with 24ct gold. And the chain, seat and bars have been replaced with white counterparts.

However, the model is not easy to ride as they don't freewheel, i.e., the pedals keep on turning as long as the bicycle does.

The bike has been commissioned by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), an insurance provider. Besides being environmental-friendly, the bike also serves a charitable purpose, as the money it raises would also go to ETA, a non-profit organisation who campaigns for sustainable transport. However, it is too expensive to be insured and thus comes with its own personal bodyguard.

"A personal security guard is not a practical option for most people, but with over half a million bicycles stolen across Britain each year, it's vital that cyclists are properly insured", The Telegraph quoted Andrew Davis, Director at the ETA, as saying.

The bike will be put up for sale before the start of National Bike Week, which runs from 14-22 June, which is also Green Transport Week. (ANI)

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