BBC fuelling race attacks on Poles

London, June 5 (ANI): The British Broadcasting Corporation's (BBC) over coverage of the Polish immigrants has led to increased racial attacks on the community.

Yesterday the BBC was accused of fuelling racist attacks on the Polish community in Britain.

The Telegraph quoted the Conservative MP Danny Kawczynski saying that BBC's coverage of immigration issues tend to concentrate on Poles even though most immigrants to the UK come from outside Europe.

The result was an increasing number of assaults on Poles living in Britain.

He highlighted his concerns in the House of Commons when he introduced a Bill calling for a bank holiday to mark the positive contribution that Poles have made to the United Kingdom since 1940.

However, the BBC rejected Mr Kawczynski's complain saying that it strived to be "fair, accurate and balanced" in its coverage of Polish immigrants.

Since May 2004 more than a quarter of a million Poles are estimated to have come to Britain to work. (ANI)

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