Rooney's pal to make him wear 'mankini' at stag do!

London, June 6 (ANI): Wayne Rooney's pals have found a way to get around the ban on saucy fun and games that the footie ace's fiancee Coleen has put on them by planning to make him wear a 'mankini' as a stag party stunt.

Rooney, who ties the knot with Coleen next week, is in Ibiza with 16 pals and relatives for a four-day stay.

The group is staying in a plush 20,000pounds- a-week villa stocked with hundreds of pounds-worth of pre-ordered strong Stella lager and food, as well as a pool, maid service, a white grand piano and an ornate fountain in the living room.

And, with a 16-hour booze bender already under their belt, the England and ManU forward's pals have decided it's time for a little more fun.

They now plan to squeeze the footballer into 9.95 pounds mankini copy from cult comedy Borat, reports The Sun.

And while Rooney is living it up before the big day in Ibiza, fiancee Coleen is in Tenerife.

However, she's refusing to get out and see the local sights, for the last time she was in the town, she was spotted by a local who would not leave her alone. (ANI)

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