The Royal Court Theatre's ghost really does exist!

London, June 6 (ANI): They say the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire has a resident ghost called 'Norah'. And now, after an investigation of the place, Paranormal Activity Research Team of Lancashire (PART) has revealed that the ghost does exist.

The research team made the revelation after snapping a picture, which could be "the clearest and most conclusive proof" of the existence of 'Norah'.

PART were called in to investigate spooky goings on at the theatre, originally an iron foundry but turned into an entertainment venue in 1892.

Referring to their resident ghost, the theatre's website says: "On numerous occasions cast members, staff, stage crew and visitors have reported seeing Norah and also experiencing various strange unexplainable happenings (none of which have been harmful)."

And a report by PART investigators, who spent an evening in the theatre, states: "This photo was taken in March 2008 just before a performance by the 2nd Rossendale Scout Band.

"This 'unusual' figure only became apparent when the photo was downloaded from the camera to the computer."

"Notice how the figure is completely out of proportion to everyone else in the area and, when viewed carefully the figure is semi transparent," The Sun quoted the report, as saying.

The report added: "Could this be the Ghost of 'Norah', the Royal Court Theatre's resident ghost? If so it is certainly the clearest and most conclusive proof of her existence."

The investigation at the theatre also turned up some other spooky occurrences.

In the circles seating area, investigators reported "the sound of the shuffling of many feet as if people were preparing for a theatre performance."

And a number of team members said they saw the "shapes of people moving about." (ANI)

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