Security van sent 120-miles to escort Brit prisoner 200 yards!

London, June 6 (ANI): A security van was sent on a 120-mile round trip to take a Northampton prisoner 200 yards across to the other side of the road.

The British cops said that the journey was to avoid taking him through the streets in handcuffs - and thus breaching his human rights.

Mark Bailey, 35, was taken to a Crown Court but after a brief hearing sent immediately to the magistrates' court across the road.

Police said Bailey could not be walked across the street in handcuffs because it would breach his human rights - so a van was scrambled from 60 miles away for the 30-second journey.

Security firm Global Solutions claims it was fulfilling its contractual obligations and following national guidelines which say that walking a prisoner through a public area could place people in danger and breach the prisoner's human rights.

GSL spokesman John Bates said the company acted correctly on information given to it by the courts at that time.

"It would have cost the taxpayer more to take the defendant back to prison to have him appear at magistrates court on another day. It is more efficient to deal with somebody in one day," The Daily Express quoted him, as saying.

The van took almost three hours to arrive and after a short hearing, Bailey was remanded in custody.

A source at the court said: "The transport of prisoners to court is ludicrous and a joke." (ANI)

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