Trion-Z 'magic' bracelet behind performance of English cricketers

London, June 6 (ANI): A small fabric bracelet is England cricketers' latest secret weapon that has boosted their performance levels.

The Trion-Z 'magic' bands are being tried by the team after cricketers James Anderson and Stuart Broad said they were huge fans of the bracelet.

Using incredibly high-powered magnets, the bracelets are medically proven to increase blood flow around the body, improving concentration levels and rates of cell-regeneration.

England bowler James Anderson said: "I have found great benefit during recent tests. These bands made me feel energised and I was able to cope better with the long training sessions."

The Trion-Z bracelets, which cost around 18 pounds, use medical grade magnets to maximise blood flow and are up to 100 times stronger than other magnetic bands, The Sun reported.

More than 170 top sportsmen in the US wear them. (ANI)

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