The four pals who've been married to each other for 15 years and share a child!

London, June 6 (ANI): For most people, one partner is enough. But the same doesn't imply to the Lucks - the four pals who're "married" to each other, share one bedroom and one daughter.

Tony Luck, 48, Kaye, 48, Kevin, 40, and Sandi 40, have signed papers to give them similar status to real spouses.

And Ruth, 11, daughter of Tony and Sandi, says she has two mums and dads.

It all started when Brit Tony and wife Kaye invited Kevin and Sandi to stay.

But one, by one, they all fell in love. Then Sandi found she was pregnant.

"We decided to stay together," the Mirror quoted Kaye, as saying.

The pals are celebrating 15 years together in San Jose, California, and only the men don't sleep with each other.

Ruth said: "People ask which is your real mum and dad. I always say, if I pinch them and they say 'ouch' aren't they real?" (ANI)

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