Now, the Magic Wheel for smooth ride to office

London, June 6 (ANI): Going to work will now be made easy with the portable "Magic Wheel," as it will not only provide relief from those long irritating hours spent in heavy traffic, but will also be eco-friendly.

This black and red wheeler is lightweight and businessmen can easily carry it on the train or into the office.

The machine consists of one large 26-inch wheel and a smaller, stabilising wheel behind, and can take riders weighing up to 19 stone. It is a sort of modified bicycle without a saddle or handlebars.

The rider has to place one foot on a platform on one side of the wheel and push himself using the other foot in a scooter-like fashion. After attaining momentum, riders can easily bring the pushing foot up with the other foot.

Created by Soma Ungar, a Hungarian inventor, the Magic Wheel is being distributed in the UK by Northamptonshire based firm Parker and Johnston. And is available online for 80 pounds.

"The Magic Wheel was originally aimed at commuters travelling to work. It's perfect for living somewhere like London where so many people travel to work on the train. Once you have mastered it, it's also great for weaving through crowds of people," The Telegraph quoted Kevin Johnston, 29, of Parker and Johnston, as saying.

For a smooth ride, one has to practice on the Magic Wheel for around two hours.

Mr Johnston added that the machine was not only ideal for businessmen, but also the skateboarding fraternity.

"At first it is not that easy but once you do get the hang of it, it becomes like riding a bike - you never lose it. The average user takes a couple of hours practice before they can comfortably ride the Magic Wheel with both feet on the board.

"We have found that it's actually much easier the faster you go. We have had plenty of interest in the wheel in the UK but I think that once it starts to be spotted on the streets it will really take off. It's ideal for businessmen on the go but it's also proving popular among teenagers who are into skateboarding." (ANI)

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