Experts fear sharks actively hunting humans

London, June 7 (ANI): Experts fear that sharks are seeking human as their targets for the first time after a string of Jaws-style attacks on a resort in Mexico.

The theory emerged after two surfers were killed and one badly injured in a month, and a fourth swimmer is missing at the Mexican seaside town.

Although locals fear that it's one rogue shark, scientists believe that it is a group of deadly bull sharks.

They think the 10ft-long fish could have developed a taste for human flesh after feasting on hundreds of corpses dumped into the sea by mobsters

"One theory we're investigating is that a group of sharks have developed a taste for humans," The Sun quoted Jose Leonardo Castillo, chief shark investigator for Mexico's National Fishing Institute, as saying.

The beach at Zihuantanejo, near Acapulco is popular with British tourists and had not recorded a shark incident in more than 30 years.

The local businessmen feel that these incidents would have an enormous effect on the tourism industry. They have now hired fishermen to kill the sharks.

Police have been guarding beaches and have also put up warning signs against going into the water.

Although the number of attacks world-wide increased from 63 in 2006 to 71 in 2007, there was only one recorded fatality.

The two Zihuantanejo deaths and one in California have tripled that this year. (ANI)

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