Caps and hats banned in Yorkshire pubs over CCTV fears

London, Jun 8 (ANI): A ban on wearing the traditional flat cap has left many regular pub goers fuming in Yorkshire, Britain.

The ban had been enforced after chiefs ruled hats and caps could prevent the identification of troublemakers caught misbehaving on CCTV cameras.

Even though the ban had been set up for a good purpose, it still set off some of the county's locals grumbling, among them cricket legend Dickie Bird, famed for his trade-mark white flat cap.

"It's ludicrous. Flat caps are a Yorkshire tradition," the Sun quoted the 75-year-old former Test umpire as saying.

"I still wear one out shopping, at home, and sometimes watching TV.

"Anyone can tell the difference between a troublemaker wearing a baseball cap and a mature man with his flat cap.

"Asking a Yorkshireman to take off his flat cap? Whoever heard of anything so silly," he added.

The ban had been imposed at the Park Hotel in Wadsley, Sheffield, wher staff was asked to ensure that everyone removes their caps.

"Police asked us to ensure everyone removes headgear," landlord Mark Kelly said.

"We do ask pensioners too. But often there's no need as they've been brought up to take off their hats indoors anyway," he added.

A police spokeswoman explained the reason for the ban of the caps.

"There have been incidents in pubs when it has not been possible to identify offenders from CCTV because hats were hiding their faces," she said. (ANI)

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